Tbilisi InSights presented their project at Gallery Nectar in Tbilisi, from October 9 to October 30, 2014.

Visitors found themselves crossing the threshold of a quotidien shop with its private corners, as many sellers have created within their shops. A fictional, intimate environment designed to suggest the threshold of private and public space – rather than the usual designed environment of an exhibition – which collected histories and memories of Tbilisi and suggested variations of its urban design and architecture, the mutation of its day-to-day life.

By proposing the exhibition as an interior of a shop as a space for the informal archive as a private, un-organized, intimate and personal collection of the inhabitants of Tbilisi, Tbilisi InSights considered behavioral transparency, narration, communication, personal voices as core centers of an inhabited space. An antithesis to the reserved and the often detached behavior assumed by individuals in public spaces, considered here as sense of not-belonging, inhabited if transformed into a semi-private space.

The informal archive constitutes both of material of various media collected together with Tbilisi’s inhabitants to share their personal approach and memory of living within the city and it is at the same time formed by the different forms of personal archiving which are discussed throughout the collection process. By putting the informal archive online Tbilisi InSights is giving visitors the possibility of a further platform for participation as to both constantly contribute to the growth of the archive and access material from it as to extend their own private home archives.

As part of the exhibition a timeline (en/geo) of the project was presented as a discursive basis on (process based) artistic practices and political manipulation in the creation process.

The exhibition space also acted as project room for the collective’s site-specific public/private space interventions in the neighborhoods of Tbilisi, which took place during the month of October, alongside the archival shop installation in Gallery Nectar, and are ongoing.

Tbilisi InSights Collective also invited to a discussion on ‘Public, Private, Other Spaces?’ with Nini Palavandishvili (curator, GeoAIR), Lali Pertenava (art researcher/critic) and Ruska Mirzikashvili (architect, Urban Reactor/Docomomo Georgia).

‘Public, Private, Other Spaces?’ focused on the issues of
– the private as well as the personal in possible and yet inadequate opposition to the PUBLIC
– ARCHIVING as a means to think and retain the voluble traces (from the past)
– FUNDING agendas operating for a homogenous, controlled cultural scene instead of risking unpredictability

The discussion took place on October 11, 2014 at Gallery Nectar.