About Tbilisi In/Sights

Tbilisi InSights aims to outline a non-linear, personal perspective on the transformations of daily life in Tbilisi. Architecture, when not explored as a merely functional assemblage of speechless elements which compose inhabited spaces, incorporates life, therefore Tbilisi InSights considers, as the very foundation of architecture, people. People who need places to live and work, who build and envision, who inhabit and change the given and future architectural structure.

Hence the project presents glimpses into personal, unintentional archives of those living within Tbilisi’s architecture, a collection of various media and different forms, yet extending this insight into the past to imaginary concepts and critical alternatives of living within the modern city today.

The collective also aims to rethink structures of daily life, set in an inadequate dichotomy of private and public spaces, in the broader context of globalized cities, using Tbilisi as an experimental laboratory to situate and propose possible inputs. The unique notions of public and private space in Tbilisi – situated between the state- and private investment controlled – form the base as to locate and set ‘situations’ for reflection upon these aspects and the relationship between inner and outer life, in connection with constructed spaces and social developments.

The project is conceptualized and initiated by the Tbilisi InSights collective after deciding to proceed with an adapted version of the proposed project for the Georgian Pavilion for the 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice. Defeated in all efforts to secure funding for the adapted project, Tbilisi InSights has been presented between concept, process and imagination at Gallery Nectar, Tbilisi in October 2014.

With the positive funding news from Arts Collaboratory beginning of November 2014, Tbilisi InSights can continue their work: a collaboration with AJZ collective in Yerevan in Spring 2015 and a publication and discursive exhibition with Onomatopee in Eindhoven in November 2015.

The collective consists of four Tbilisi based members: Public Space with a Roof artist Tamuna Chabashvili, anthropologist Data Chigholashvili, architect and Tbilisi Moare researcher Gvantsa Nikolaishvili & artist and Concept and Theory-Tbilisi founder Katharina Stadler.


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